Muslim Scholars played vital role in freedom movement : MSO

Hyderabad. MSO Hyderabad organised Speech competition on “Role of Muslim Scholar in Freedom Movement” in the City.

The Chief Guest of the program was Former President of MSO, Janab Habeeb Quadry. Speaking in celebration he said The Khilafat Conference, presided by Maulana Fazle Haq in Delhi resolved to boycott the ‘Victory Celebration’ of the British Government in Nov. 13, 1919. The resolution had the support of Seth Chutani and Mahatma Gandhi. Subsequently Mufti Kifayatullah issued a Fatwa, signed and endorsed by 20 Ulama, declaring participation in the victory celebration of the British government as impermissible for Muslims— as long as the settlement with the rulers of defeated Ottoman Empire was not in accordance with the Islamic law and the popular sentiments of the Muslims.

MSO Hyderabad unit President Sayeed Bahmad said that 46 students participated in the event, Top 10 participants were given the trophy and all the participants were awarded by certificates.

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