Madrassas was the nationalist hubs of 1857 freedom movement: MSO

Lucknow. A special program was organised by MSO luck now unit on Independence Day celebration in Madarsa Nizamiya Malhaur Lucknow.

Maulana Badruddin Misbahi who presided the program said that More than half a million Muslim clerics sacrificed their lives for India during the various phases of the great 1857 revolt – a fact almost buried like the mutineers themselves. These Indian freedom fighters came from the Madrasas. The madrasas remained the hub of the anti-British movement even later. Members of the Khilafat Committee issued a favour supporting the non-cooperation movement in July 1920. The fatwa, published in the Aljamiaat Urdu daily of Delhi, was signed by 500 ulema declaring the British government as ‘haraam’ (prohibited by the Sharia).

Dr Suresh Yadav was the chief guest of the event; he said that the first president of India Dr. Prasad was from madarsa background. At that time madaris were the only source of Urdu Poetry, Sufism and Culture. Now days, madaris should be open for debates. They should add the modern subjects in their curriculum.

Irshad Saqafi MSO convener made a dignified speech. He said that the real progress of the country doesn’t exist in high buildings, economic growth and employment etc. but in the humanity, morality and the harmony of its citizens. Madaris teachs the reality of this world that we’re responsible for the whole humanity, for the betterment of mankind. Madaris are the purifiers of the soul and heart too. Madaris campuses are the places where talent gets nourishment. To explore the madaris on international level is the need of time.

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