Muslim youth must strengthen constitution and democracy: Mufti Khalid Ayyub

Indian democracy is the world’s largest democracy, where youth are the biggest partners, and interestingly, the percentage of Muslim youth in the youth is highest, so it is important that Muslims should believe in Indian democracy, democracy and His belief in the Constitution remained intact.

In the program “Indian Democracy – Challenges and Opportunities” organized by the Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO), said by Mufti Khalid Ayoub Misbahi of Jaipur.

He said that the rise of ISIS and the Wahabi Salafi ideology have affected the youth most, what is the most targeted by these organizations is the “democratic system”. India is their soft target. Therefore, Indian Muslims need to be very careful in this direction.

Maulana Ghulam Moinuddin Imam Jama Masjid Ahangaran said that the prevalence of ease, simplicity, simplicity and plurality of Indian democracy lies in the whole world, in the Indian democracy, “religious freedom is more than Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE etc.

Social worker Dr. Dheeraj Beniwal said that it is important for the country to progress and development that the atmosphere of peace and brotherhood in the society will be established, but it is a pity that some organizations are working to create a society in the name of religion which is wrong, We all have to stay away from organizations and people who want to spoil the country’s social harmony.

MSO Media Secretary Dr. Imran Qureshi said that young Muslims should emphasize the development, especially character, be alert to fundamentalism, create a career and participate in the progress of society and the country.

He said that in the name of representation of Muslim students in the country, many fundamentalists organization are there, whereas MSO is an organization based on Sufism which is committed to making the students career and future, as well as the message of social unity, community fraternity and patriotism.

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