The ”’Muslim Students Organisation of India”’ ( मुस्लिम स्टूडेंट्स आर्गेनाइजेशन ऑफ़ इंडिया ) or ”’MSO”’ is a students and youth wing of Sunni Muslims, who are associated with [[Sufism]] in India. It works for community, development, nation building, Career guidance and anti terrorism.

“To guide the students and youth for the development of society and country in the light of Quran and Sunnah. ”’كونوا مع الصادقين”’ And be with the truthful, Quran is the slogan of the organization.”

Formation and ideology
Formed in 1977 at Aligarh Muslim University by students and academicians. MSO of India follows Sunni Islam|Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’ah ideology of Islam which is also known as traditional Islam.

MSO is the largest Muslim student body in India. It has sound footprint from Kashmir to Kerala, Rajasthan to Manipur. Not a single state or National Territory is left behind.

MSO is against all forms of Violence and terrorist activities happening anywhere in the World and strongly condemn any act of inhuman activities against the Innocent people of the World.

MSO is of the view that Sufi Islamic teachings based on peace, mutual cooperation, love, brotherhood and communal harmony are only alternative left before the world in order to establish peace.

MSO Efforts on Mainstreaming

MSO is the largest Muslim student body in India. It has sound footprint from Kashmir to Kerala, Rajasthan to Manipur. Not a single state or National Territory is left behind. MSO always help for mainstreaming the students by these tools:

Career & Education Counseling

MSO use to call monthly/yearly camps of counseling for the students who are passed the graduation and/or higher education. The Old Boys Association of MSO who are in the mainstream always open to help these young guys for career option and education counseling.

Media Training

There is a big communication between Muslims (particularly youth) and Media. Students are told to write press note, how to organise press meets, how to make videos for TV Journalists for broadcast purposes and how to face media in turmoil situation. Number of students also enjoyed the competition of news writing and mock drill of facing the radical journalists.

School Admissions

There is a largest community of Muslims children who never saw the face of school. The parents of such young people need the basic counseling that why your children need to be in schools. MSO use to run the movements in the streets of Indian tear 1 to 3 cities for the purpose.

MSO Efforts on Countering Terrorism

MSO is working on the Counter Terrorism of youth on the value of consisted of preserving the cohesion and harmony of Indian society by promoting successive social initiatives based on the spiritual, moral, and secular values of the Indian people: values based on tolerance, humanism, and the sanctity of human life. These social initiatives took as a starting point the principle that Islam – which was exploited by terrorist groups and their sponsors – has always been a unifying force and a source of light, peace, freedom, and tolerance.

Legal Rights and Limitations

The arrangements established within the scope of these sessions that how it is important to understand that Indian Constitution give you the right of education, right of appeal and right of legal fight. MSO minds ignorance cannot be blamed. Side by side we nurture that why Muslim youth must respect Indian society and law. MSO understands and draw the idea among Muslim Youth that this is the only country which allows any thought of school to profess whether you belong to Islam and the other region.