Major Activities

Masjid-e-Al Aqsa and Palestine Issue

Global March to Jerusalam MSO has always stand up against atrocities of Israel in Palestine. M.S.O had sent delegation of its National president Syed Muhammad Qadri and its National secretary Shujaat Ali Quadri with Global March to Jerusalam in the year 2012.The March was quite Successful in its aim and thousands of people from different nations protested at Israel Border along with Lebanon on 30 March 2012 on the occasion of Land Day.
  • Freedom of Palestine and Al Aqsa Mosque Conference
In solidarity with the global movements demanding freedom of Palestine, the Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) on 14 July 2012 ,organized a massive conference in Jaipur, Rajasthan. MSO demanded Palestinian self-determination, ending of Israeli occupation and right of return for Palestinian refugees. We the Indian people stand in solidarity with the courageous Palestinian nation in their struggle against the Israeli Zionist colonial occupation of their homeland. The Indian people ever since the days of our own independence movement have steadfastly supported the Palestinian nation,” said Syed Muhammad Quadri, President of MSO.[2] MSO has started a movement in the country to awake people to stand up in solidarity of Palestine.

Protest against Israel

The MSO organized meetings and protest marches against the attack on Gaza. National Secretary Engineer Shujaat Ali Quadri said that the MSO condemned in the harshest terms, the Israeli attack against the people of Palestine. In the opinion of the MSO, Israelstarted this war when it broke the truce by assassinating the Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari, who was supposedly working on a long-term truce with Israel. The MSO of India criticized the Saudi Arabian government for silently supporting Israeli aggression by not speaking out against it or by not exerting pressure on Israel. The MSO also felt that the so-called “champions of human rights” and the mainstream media raised their voices against and reacted sharply to the attack on a single girl, Malala Yousufzai, but that they maintained a criminal silence over the Israeli aggression against the innocent people of Palestine.
“We are of the view that by reiterating its earlier solidarity with Palestine, India has supported a cause of Humanity but to be really moral leader of the Third World and Non Aligned Movement, It must raise a strong voice against the Israeli aggression.”[3]

Assam Riots and Relief

MSO along with MOI/SSF distributed Eid dresses to at least One Lakh Refugees of the affected areas on 24th Oct 2012.
Recover Illegal Arms from Bodos The Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) has demanded that illegal arms in the Bodo areas of Assam be recovered and that any perpetrators of violence be punished.
A delegation of MSO led by its National President Syed Muhammad Quadri met Digvijay Singh, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress and person in charge of the Assam state and put forth their demands:
  • 1. The state government must recover illegal weapons from the BTC areas and actual perpetrators of crime must be punished.
  • 2. The government must ensure proper rehabilitation of refugees at the earliest at their actual place of residence.
  • 3. The refugees are living in pathetic condition, and the government must work for their safety, security and in order to improve living conditions in their refugee camps.
Assam Relief Committee The MSO and Muslim Organization of India (MOI) formed an Assam Relief Committee for the Relief and Charitable Works in the worst affected areas of the Assam state. They visited the refugee camps of the District of Bilaspada on 31 August 2012 to prepare a report and to examine the ground realities and conditions of Lakhs of Refugees.
Memorandum to Assam Chief Minister The MSO delegation met Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi and put forward some demands relating to the rehabilitation of refugees and providing them with justice. C.M Tarun Gogoi assured the delegation about the proper rehabilitation and security of the refugees. The CM said that the government has ordered the recover of all illegal weapons from the Bodos. The delegation also wished to open schools in the affected areas for which CM ensured government help and coordination.

Religious discrimination

Harassment on Keeping Beard The MSO of India lodged a complaint with the chairman of National Commission for Minorities, seeking his intervention into the various cases of religious discrimination with Muslim Students. Condemning the discriminatory attitude of the college administration, MSO general secretary, Advocate Shahnawaz Warsi said: “We have urged the Minority panel to take the matter seriously because such incident is happening time and again and no solid action has been taken against the involved schools and colleges.”

Controversy on caricature

MSO,organized a massive Protest at Jantar Mantar, Parliament Street against the owner of Diamond Comics.MSO said that Diamond Comics in its special issue published Prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s image with an ordinary article on him. When we contacted the publisher, he said that the magazine was published in 2008 and not now. He offered apology terming it a mistake. But after inquiry we came to know that he was lying as we found the same magazine published in 2011 which means the magazine has been published continuously. So, we sent him a legal notice. Replying to the notice he passed the same lie that he did earlier.”[4]

On arrest of Innocent Muslims

Muslim Students Organization of India in its several meetings and delegations with Ministers and high Govt officials of central and State both ,demanded release of innocent Muslim youths arrested in fake cases on fake grounds.MSO demanded that Govt should take action on
  • Immediate and unconditional release of innocent Muslim youths arrested in connection with terror blasts in Malegaon, Nanded, Parbhani, Aurangabad and other places in the country
  • Legal action against the police officers who without evidence arrested Muslim youths, tortured them and implicated in the terror cases
  • Job and Monetary compensation to the affected Muslim youths.

Special Programmes on the occasion of Islamic festivals

Mawlid:- To mark the Milad-un-Nabi, Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) has regularly organized several events in different parts of the country as the members of MSO celebrates this day always with enthusiasm and take out processions.

Peace Conference West Bengal

MSO reiterated the demand of Muslim reservation in the light of Ranganath Mishra Commission Report. At its Peace Conference held in Murshidabad on 20 November, the group also revived the Petro-dollar supported extremism issue.At the conference, the youth group demanded establishment of quality modern educational centers in Minority concentrated districts. MSO also supported the proposed Central Madrasa Board.[5]

Islamic Summer Classes

While inaugurating classes at “Children’s Academy High School, Allahabad on June 9, 2011 Syed Muhammad Qaudri, national president of MSO, said: “MSO is organizing Islamic Summer classes at several places of the country in which Students are taking education of morality and Islamic spirituality. With such classes MSO aims to guide Muslims towards the betterment of society.”

Communal Riots

A high-level delegation of eminent Muslim organizations met Union Home Minister P Chidambaram at his North Block office here on Saturday (8 October). The leaders demanded immediate halt to the communal violence in Rudrapur and other towns of various states and establishment of peace. They also demanded compensation for the victim families and legal action against the culprits. Adv. Shahnawaz Warsi (General Secretary, Muslim Students Organization of India –MSO) along with other Muslim leaders submitted a memorandum to the home minister demanding safety and security of lives and dignity of Muslims in Rudrapur, a compensation of Rs 20 lakh each to the family of deceased, Rs 5 lakh each to the injured and proper compensation after enquiry to those whose shops and homes were looted and destroyed. They also demanded legal action on those who incited the violence.[6]

Ajmer Resolution 2010

The national executive meeting of Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) demanded that the central government reserve 10% to Muslims in jobs and education. It urge the government to monitor the minority welfare schemes to make sure that the fruits of the schemes reach the deserving community. The participants were concerned that the benefit of PM’s 15-pint Programme is not reaching the community properly and demanded that the government check and monitor the corruption in these schemes, especially the minority scholarship schemes.
They also stressed the promotion of Sufi teachings for establishment of communal harmony and brotherhood in the country. For that they advised that school books should contain chapters on Sufism and Sufi preachers.
Additionally, the meeting demanded the government to establish a university in the name of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz as soon as possible. It also urged the Rajasthan Government to provide better facilities to the pilgrims of Ajmer Sharif dargah.[7]

Student Conferences

Students of Aligarh Muslim University Participating in Azmat-e-Rasool (Salallaho alihi wassalam) Conference at AMU,Aligarh
MSO AMU Unit has organized five regular annual Azmat e Rasool Conferences in the Kennedy Auditorium of Aligarh Muslim University to highlight the importance and significance of the teachings of Muhammad. Vice Chancellor Dr. PK Abdul Azees of the University has participated three times since his joining the post.[8]

Protest against Dove World Centre Florida’s U.S. Call for Quran Burning on 9/11

MSO Youths Protesting Christian Terror
MSO of India started a campaign against the US church Dove World Outreach Center’s stated intention to burn a Quran on 11 September 2011. It helped organized a massive demonstration in New Delhi at Parliament Street on 4 August 2010 against this plan.On this occasion Shahnawaz Warsi, National Gen Secretary of MSO, said: “Welcome to the world of Christian terrorism. If this event happened, it will create more terrorists. Look at the bigotry of Churches on the one side they are converting people in the name of Peace and Love on the other hand they have appointed such people who are always ready and eager to spread hatred and violence against other religion[s]. We appeal to every one to observe this coming 11th Sept as “Everybody Read Quran Day”.[9]

Condemnation of Terrorist attacks on Sufi Shrines (Dargahs)

Syed Muhammad Qaudri, National President of Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO), said Data darbar is revered by millions of followers throughout South Asia. By attacking it, the suicide bombers of the Taliban have shown their real intentions that the tolerant and peaceful Sufi community is their real target, not the US and Israel.[10]

Protest against Taliban

Along with other Muslim organizations, MSO organized a massive protest against Taliban terrorism at Jantar Mantar (Delhi).

MSO Youths Protesting Talibani Terror
“We came together to protest the ongoing killings of Sunni scholars by the Wahabi Talibani terrorists in Pakistan. The killing of Mufti Sarfaraz Naeemi of Jamia Naeemia is enough to reveal their agenda against moderate majority Sunni Muslims,” said Shahnawaz Warsi, the General Secretary of MSO.[11]

Babri Masjid Issue

“Demolition of Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992 was a black day in the history of secular India and it is challenge for all secular Indians to not tolerate anymore the anti Indian forces involved in disintegrating our beloved country,” Shahnawaz Warsi of MSO said in a statement.[12] The students group has demanded punishment to the culprits indicted for the demolition.[12]
“The hatred spread by these forces has been uncovered by the Liberhan Commission. Those involved must be punished. We the Muslims are watching the action of this Congress government very closely whether it is interested in punishing the guilty or not?” Warsi said.[13]

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